I help Life Insurance Agents Turn Their License Into a CASH MACHINE

Regardless of their experience level, and without bugging their friends & family.

Six Steps to Six Figures

learn how I was able to go from earning $9/hr Moving Furniture to earning $150,000/year my first year in business

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Meet Damon Dillard

The Elevated Income Coach

Damon Dillard is first and foremost a believer. He is a husband, a father, a friend, business strategist, and life coach. He lives by the adage, “How you do ANYTHING is HOW you do EVERYTHING.”

It references the very principles that assisted him along his journey to fulfillment, success, and the basis of his business and life coaching to date. 

Damon comes from humble beginnings, and growing up, he had the hobby of playing basketball. Like many other young men around his age, he had “NBA Hoop Dreams”. However, those dreams did not pan out as he had hoped.

Are You a Sales Professional and You Don’t Have a 6-Figure or Beyond Business?

The Elevation Project: Journey to the Top

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